• TEEN ADVISORY BOARD- Do you need community service hours? By joining our Teen Advisory Board and attending meetings you can earn community service hours! Come and help us choose books for the young adult section of the library and give us your ideas for programs! Email us at maxfieldlibya@gmail.com or call to find out more information about joining the Teen Advisory Board
  • ANIME CLUB- We talk about and watch anime!
  • WRITING AND HOMEWORK HELP: Tuesdays from 3:00 pm- 4:45 pm Miss Christina will be available to help youth from ages 13-18 with their homework and writing tasks. Miss Christina is a former High School English teacher and former tutor who specializes in helping youth with writing. She also is a college planning nerd and has experience helping students research colleges and work on college application essays. She can help with biology, history, English, and other humanities based subjects. Registration is required. Contact Miss Christina at maxfieldlibya@gmail.com for more information.